Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is more than just posting to a social media network at set times of day, for the recommended number of times a week. 

It’s also not just a free platform for broadcasting your advertising or sales message.

Social media is about building an online footprint for your business.  It’s more interactive than a website, and provides the personality for your brand in a way that a website can’t.  

Your customers and prospects want to be able to find you on social media, and get a measure for what your business is like.  They want to see how you handle customer service requests, what your business posts, and how helpful that content is. 

And while social media isn’t just about posting at a set schedule, posting consistently is still important.  

That’s where Tyrannosaurus Marketing comes in. 

We don’t just create a schedule and fill it for you (although yes, we do that), we use social to build a brand identity for your business.  

Social media becomes more than just a platform for you to shout at the world about your business: it turns into a lead generation tool. 

Social Media Marketing for B2B Businesses

Social media isn’t just for the snazzy, sexy businesses that can easily generate pretty pictures and clever statuses. 

Even the dry, “boring” businesses that work exclusively with other businesses can benefit from social media marketing.  

The thing about social media is that everyone (just about) uses it.  Whether or not they’re using it for businesses purposes, they’re using social for connecting with other people.  It’s how they ask for advice, recommendations, and suggestions on their business problems. 

Let Tyrannosaurus Marketing make your business available to answer the questions your prospects are asking. 

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