SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is no longer just the realm of technical mumbo-jumbo.  Search Engine Optimization is now centered around appealing to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm – and the idea of semantic search. 

What is semantic search? 

It’s all about the intent of the person who’s searching online.  It’s about the context behind search, rather than just the words and the order they appear in. 

Semantic search is why you can type in the same, or similar, search terms, and get nearly identical results.  Prior to the hummingbird algorithm update, typing in the same or similar search phrases meant you often got different results. 

Not anymore. 

Now, rather than trying to stuff keywords in sneaky ways throughout your website, the necessary focus for search engines is on how completely – and thoroughly – you can answer a question. 

It may not even need to be a question.  Most of the time, search now revolves around the idea of a long tailed keyword.  

The more thoroughly you cover the concept behind a single, specific keyword, then the easier it is to rank in search for that keyword.  

The focus, above all, is about answering the reason “why” behind the search for the person on the other end of the screen.  Google is focused on helping the person searching – not on helping your business. 

That’s why you must prioritize creating detailed, informative content for your site.  

And why Tyrannosaurus Marketing’s clients see their sites climb in rank for the keywords most relevant to their business goals.  We focus on quality and consistency – which translates to more leads. 

SEO is both easier and more challenging than ever before. 

It’s one thing to know that SEO is now all about how well you can answer the questions your prospects have, but how do you know what those questions are in the first place?

What keywords should you choose? 

How do you write blogs or landing pages or information pages that answer questions for your prospects in a way that also rockets your website up to the best SERP (search engine results page) placement? 

Understanding SEO and how to appeal to Google’s requirements for appearing on the SERP, particularly in one of the top 3 spots, is where we come in. 

Stop worrying about what to write, how often to write it, who to write it for, or any of the rest of what needs to go in to effective content marketing that doubles as your SEO efforts. 

Let Tyrannosaurus Marketing make your life easier.