Not just a fad, content marketing is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy.   And content marketing means you need content. 

Content marketing is more than just putting a blog on your website and then considering it done. 

Blogs accomplish multiple strategic goals: SEO, educating your prospects, attracting them in the first place, converting them with your content offers, and providing content for your social media marketing team to share. 

Tyrannosaurus Marketing specializes in creating informative, interesting content that your prospects want to read.  We incorporate your keywords – not just the obvious ones, but we research and create content around the many possible search terms your prospects might use. 

Curious about how blogging intelligently could work for your business?  Download a case study for a B2B consulting company that saw massive success from using blogs as a central hub for their content marketing strategy – just enter your information below and I’ll send it to you:

b2b content marketing case study