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Marketing should do one thing: generate leads.  Your sales team and your business can’t grow without them.

But all too often, small to mid-sized businesses get lost in the details of effectively implementing a marketing strategy.  They try one thing, then another – and none of it works the way it should.  No new leads, just lots of lost money.

http://paulfentonphotography.com/gallery/kursty-johnny/ Tyrannosaurus Marketing specializes in a holistic approach to marketing – turning your blog, your social media, and your email marketing into effective lead generation tools. 

Marketing should do more than  just churn out blogs and social media statuses, dropping them into the internet to fizzle out and die.  Each piece of content should be an  http://aloriaskincarespa.com/contact-ar asset to your business.  Each piece should live for more than just a week or two when it’s new – each blog, email, or social media post should boost SEO, increase site traffic, and most importantly, enter site get leads. 

That’s what we’re here to do for you.

jennifer greene tyrannosaurus marketing

Jennifer Greene

Tyrannosaurus Marketing, Founder

Jen draws on her years of experience in digital marketing and social media strategy to craft comprehensive strategies that work for clients.  She oversees the strategy and implementation for clients, breaking down the big picture goal into actionable milestones that can be measured.  Jen’s custom templates and detailed data reporting provide a comprehensive view of how clients are doing at any given point in time.

Hubspot Certified, Jen is also a Silver Tier Hubspot Partner, able to use content and inbound marketing best practices to help businesses thrive.  After years working with reptiles, she discovered that the logical and technical aspects she’d mastered lent themselves well to assisting SaaS providers (particularly third party logistics solutions), TEM providers, and similar supportive B2B businesses in marketing themselves.  Jen often blogs about the unexpected overlaps between reptiles and marketing, and you can read more about it by clicking here.

Kathryn Coffman

Fashionably Frank Marketing

Community Manager

Kathryn helps with dedicated community management for the clients of Tyrannosaurus Marketing, bringing a fresh, authentic voice to online interactions.  Her dedication and attention to detail make her an incredibly valuable member of the team, and she ensures your business never misses a comment or concern.

She’s also the founder of Fashionably Frank Marketing– the perfect voice for B2C companies looking to add authenticity to their online voice.

Kathryn holds a BA from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington with emphasis in psychology, business management and marketing. Throughout her time at Evergreen, Kathryn eagerly engaged in social media and marketing internships, combining her strengths of psychology and Internet communications to optimize businesses’ digital presence and persuasive impact.

kathryn coffman

More Than Just Marketing Our Partner Agencies

No one can be the best at everything – and that’s why Tyrannosaurus Marketing partners with some incredible agencies to help your business accomplish its goals. 

Need something more than content and inbound marketing?  Check out our partners below, and let us know if there’s more that Tyrannosaurus Marketing could be doing for your business. 

Don’t see what you’re looking for in the agency list below?  Let us know anyway – we may know just the agency to recommend, even if they’re not listed here!


Founded by Kathleen Glass, Oinkodomeo is a Sales and Marketing Agency. Oinkodomeo isn’t just another agency; we focus on building a foundation for successful, customer-centric sales and marketing. We help B2B companies achieve business goals and grow revenue by mapping to the Buyer’s Journey and addressing each persona’s needs. We help with end-to-end marketing and sales processes; sales operations; sales enablement; playbook development; inside sales team development and coaching; social selling training using LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+; appointment setting and cold calling techniques; lead generation; channel marketing; inbound marketing; content development; website development; RFP response planning; analyst relations; and branding.