Twitter for Sales – Social Media as an Asset for your Sales Efforts

 twitter for sales

Twitter for Sales – First Tip

First in this blog series, an overview.

To start – Twitter is a social media network.  Usernames are in the format of @username, and you talk to people by including that @username within your tweet.  Tweets are the messages you type to the world, and must be 140 characters or less.  You can tweet to the world, tweet to friends or celebrities, or tweet one on one to others.  That’s it.  That’s the premise of the platform.

Got it?  Good.  Still confused?  There’s books, blogs, and guides you can check out for the Twitter basics.  This series will be about going a step beyond basic Twitter use.

How does this apply to sales?  How can you use it as a part of your sales process?

Twitter is a giant communication channel full of conversations about countless topics.  There are millions of people out there talking, and chances are good someone is talking about your brand.   Now, this does NOT mean you should just go looking for them and tell them LOOK AT MY STUFF.  On Twitter, that’s rude, and will result in people unfollowing you or ignoring you.  You will lose more sales than you gain by tweeting promotional things at your followers.  No one wants to have a billboard shoved in their face, and that’s what you’re doing when you self promote too much.

So how do you use Twitter to make sales?

twitter for sales

Sales Using Twitter


Creative use of the platform, that’s how.

One, throw out the idea that people are following you for your benefit.  They’re not.  They don’t care that much about you, to be honest.  They care about what how you’re benefitting them.  That’s it.  They’re on Twitter for themselves, not for you.  If you can keep that in mind when you communicate, you’ll be a big giant step ahead of your competitors.

To succeed on Twitter (in fact, pretty much all social sites), you need to give more than you receive.  This is especially true in the beginning.  You need to be a benefit to those around you, and embody a bit of the hippy dippy “community” feel.

To start your sales tweeting optimization, a tip I learned from the successful founder of MeetEdgar.  MeetEdgar is a service I recommend as you start to move into a professional level.  When replying to tweets, before the @ symbol, place a period and a space.  What does this do?  When you send a reply to someone, only the followers who follow both of you will see the tweet.  When you place a period before the @ sign, you make the tweet visible to all followers on your twitter.

This can seem a bit counter intuitive.  Don’t you want the other person’s followers to see your tweets, and hopefully increase your own followers?  Yes, you do, but when tweeting a reply that starts with @, it’s only followers that already overlap that will see the tweet.  This is not beneficial when you want people to see you solving a problem, or talking about your service or product as it helps others.  These conversations are your advertisement without advertising.

Twitter for Sales

If you’re lucky, the person you are tweeting at will tweet back in a similar format, or at least retweet one of your responses.  At worst, your followers see you providing value to someone else.  At best, that person shares your account with their followers.  This will increase your influence and often increasing your own followers as well.

All from something as simple as putting a period and space before the @ sign.

Do you have to send all tweets like that?  Nope.  The next blog post will cover how else you can use some creativity to keep your tweets visible to the largest number of people.