You know you need social media for your business to grow.

You’ve heard of the value that social media marketing gives some businesses, and you think it’s probably a good idea for your business, too. What you don’t know is how to turn the time spent on social media into the results you need.  

You're not even sure your industry really gets results with social media marketing. 

You’re too busy with running your company to spend hours a day figuring out Twitter, Facebook, or any of the dozens of other social media platforms out there.  You'd really like to just hand it all over to someone and be done with it.  You're used to being the one who gets called to just "take care of it" when it comes to IT or phone issues.  This time, you want someone else to just "take care of it" with your digital marketing.

That’s where Tyrannosaurus Marketing comes in. 

Based in Escondido (just north of San Diego), the Trex Marketing team specialize in creating content ideal for tech, telecom, and other B2B specific companies to get the most out of social media and digital marketing. 

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